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4 Reasons a Strong Brand is Crucial for Your Small Business!


It’s summer again! The heat is pounding. Sweat's a drippin'. You’d curse the sun… if it wasn’t so good for business. You take another look and see the line is now wrapping around Mr. Johnson’s down the block. And the thought pops into your head, “Not bad - but I can definitely do more…”


So - you want to take your lemonade stand to the next level? If the answer is "Yes please, lemon squeeze!" then you need to step back, son, and take a serious look at the bigger picture. How? First - analyze how your customers perceive you and your refurbished IKEA-desk stand. Second - imagine the experience they have when you announce your specials and serve them refreshing beverages. Finally - feel the emotions they FEEL when they consume your delicious product and walk away delighted. In short - you need to rethink your entire brand! Read on to learn why a strong brand can make or break your small business.


1. A strong brand improves recognition. Is that smiley-faced-lemon logo really doing the trick? As the symbol of your company (seen across every piece of correspondence and marketing collateral) your logo is the first impression your customers have with your business. A solid logo should be clean enough to stick in people’s minds, but elaborate enough to reflect your business values.


2. A strong brand creates trust. A professional appearance fosters credibility. People are much more likely to purchase products and services from a company that has its sh*t together. If you seem legitimate, the masses will do business with you. So cross the t’s and dot your i’s.


3. A strong brand fosters teamwork. Most employees aspire to gain more than a paycheck. They want to honor a purpose and work towards clear, thought-out goals. If you boldly define what your company stands for, you can turn your brand into a rallying cry. A team fighting for the same purpose will feel united and inspired to follow you into battle any day of the week. Except weekends - don’t go into battle on the weekend.


4. A strong brand nurtures growth. “They messed up my order and yelled at me for bringing it up - you should definitely check the place out!” Said no-one, ever. The number one most profitable advertising source has alway been and will always be word-of-mouth. A brand that clearly delivers top-notch customer experiences and has the products and services to back it up will always prevail, and that business will thrive.


Looking to start from scratch or rebuild your brand?


GET IN TOUCH - you’ll be one step closer to lemonade-stand domination.


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