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GROOV3 Brand Rewrap

Case Study

GROOV3's mission is to inspire change and build a global community through the power of dance. Known as L.A.'s Hottest Choreographed Dance Party, GROOV3 inspires both beginners and veteran dancers alike. As the company expands they wanted to make

sure their branding evolved accordingly, in order for their voice to continue resonating with loyal audiences across the nation. My objective was to give the GROOV3 brand a

refresh, while leveraging their heritage and introducing a distinct new feel within the set

parameters of their well-established visual identity.




Logo Design

Web Design

Marketing Collateral


GROOV3 Rewrap: The Dance, Sweat, Live Comeback

The Story of GROOV3

Before it all began, Benjamin Allen taught at two Los Angeles locations - a gym and a dance studio. As a professional dancer and choreographer, Ben

trained aspirational dancers as well as people who took classes just for fun. Surprisingly, he found that the people who danced recreationally were more

committed and enthusiastic about what he was teaching. Ben later told me the story, "They would show up three times a week, every week, just to get down to whatever I would throw at them." He soon figured out what people wanted:

a) a group class

b) a welcoming / non-judgmental environment

c) a space to just be themselves


He knew he was on to something. It inspired him to fulfill the demand on his own. After some deliberation and help from friends, he landed on their current name, GROOV3. The play on the letter "E" as a "3" cleverly highlighting the three pillars of their ubiquitous tagline and original mission: 'Dance, Sweat, Live'.

Keeping GROOV3's heritage in mind, the first step was to revisit the brand's message

as it pertains today. What kind of audience were they serving? What did the students fundamentally gain from GROOV3 classes? Working with Ben to answer these types of

questions helped us derive definitive patterns, which in turn clarified the brand's voice.

(Re)Establishing the Brand

G3 Rewrap Comes to Life

With this bit of soul-searching done, the next step was to boil down our key attributes into their qualitative essence - the outcome is shown below on the left. This tagline

became our new north star; a filter to be used for all design decisions as we started

to collaborate on all the new elements of the company's identity system.

Photography by Nick Lovell


Logo Lockup Color Variations



Marketing material


Palette & Typeface

When redesigning the GROOV3 mark my primary objective was to "clean it up". The mark and

logo lockup felt outdated, therefore my task was also to realign GROOV3's visual appearance

with the adjusted brand direction. My treatment consisted primarily of decluttering the design, keeping key elements only: the black record, the green outline, and the 'G3' combo. Removing

needless elements would not only help for printing purposes but improve recognizability as well,

should the logo inevitably be scaled down. Finally, a clean -45˚ glare was applied to polish off the design, speaking to GROOV3's irresistible 'cool' factor while adding subtle tasteful distinction.

The GROOV3 Record - Before & After



The new brand was unified in a comprehensive and easy to use guidelines document to ensure clarity and consistency on all future applications. I continue to work closely with and support GROOV3 as they grow and expand.

Brand Management

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